Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lab::Measurement 3.10

Since we've got several interesting measurements running in the lab at the moment, our scripts are receiving a lot of attention. Which means we can already release a new feature (and bugfix) version, Lab::Measurement 3.10. Packages are on CPAN (and in Gentoo portage); you'll find the major changes listed below. Cheers!

Lab::Bus and Lab::Connection classes

  • Initial support for the USBtmc Linux kernel driver
  • GPIB (i.e. IEEE-488) termination characters are now handled identically in LinuxGPIB and VISA_GPIB
  • New VISA_RS232 connection which takes all arguments as RS232

Lab::Instrument classes

  • HP34420A nanovoltmeter re-added
  • Many improvements in the Oxford Instruments ITC503 driver
  • Re-named the Oxford Instruments IPS12010 driver to OI_IPS
  • New driver: Trinamic PD-110-42 stepper motor
  • New driver: Agilent U2000 rf power sensor

Lab::Measurement classes

  • Started refactoring the keyboard handling code