Friday, July 8, 2016

Lab::Measurement 3.512 released

Immediately at the heels of the previous post, I've just uploaded Lab::Measurement 3.512. It fixes some problems in the Yokogawa GS200 driver introduced in the previous version. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Lab::Measurement 3.511 and Lab::VISA 3.04 released

It's been some time since the last Lab::Measurement blog post; we are at Lab::Measurement version 3.511 by now. Here are the most important changes since 3.31:
  • One big addition "under the hood", which is still in flux, was a generic input/output framework for status and error messages. 
  • The device cache code has seen updates and bugfixes. 
  • Agilent multimeter drivers have been cleaned up and rewritten. 
  • Minimal support has been added for the Agilent E8362A network analyzer.
  • The Oxford Instruments IPS driver has been sprinkled with consistency checks and debug output, the ITC driver has seen bugfixes.
  • Controlling an Oxford Instruments Triton system is work in progress.
  • The Stanford Research SR830 lock-in now supports using the auxiliary inputs as "multimeters" and the auxiliary outputs as voltage sources.
  • Support for the Keithley 2400 multimeter, the Lakeshore 224 temperature monitor, and the Rohde&Schwarz SMB100A rf-source  has been added.
  • Work on generic SCPI parsing utilities has started.
  • Sweeps can now also vary pulse length and pulse repetition rate; the "time sweep" has been enhanced.
  • Test routines (both with instruments attached and software-only) are work in progress.
 Lab::VISA has also seen a new bugfix release, 3.04. Changes since version 3.01 are:
  • Support for VXI_SERVANT ressources has been removed; these are NI-specific and not available in 64bit VISA.
  • The documentation, especially on compiling and installing on recent Windows installations, has been improved. No need for Visual Studio and similar giga-downloads anymore!
  • Compiling on both 32bit and 64bit Windows 10 should now work without manual modifications in the