Friday, October 15, 2010

University news update

Finally... the bachelor exam is graded, and most of the results are already entered into the university database. Now that means- time to focus on research again! Just in time, letters from the administration have arrived, confirming the booking of the project money on the internal accounts. Yeah! Besides, Daniel, the first nanomechanics diploma student, has handed in his thesis and is employed as PhD student now, and a new diploma student will start on monday. The new research group is growing... On the spintronics side, we've been discussing the measurement data of the last months again and again, and slowly get a picture of some things. Meanwhile, the office renovation actually advances nicely, with lamps and cable ducts being installed at the moment. And I've started preparing the call for tenders for our next biggish lab equipment, and caught up with skimming across the ~400 papers published in the meantime. :) New term, new luck!

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