Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finished something, finally

The last weeks were actually a busy time for several reasons. Well, there's one less now: at work, yesterday Friday evening at around 21:00 I finally submitted a manuscript (5Mbyte pdf) for publication that we have been preparing for ages.
The whole story started with measurements done in our lab last year, where we look among other things at electrical currents through single carbon nanotubes at very low temperatures of a few millidegrees above absolute zero. In this particular case, the metallic contacts to the nanotube were made of a magnetic PdNi alloy, which means that you have to take into account the magnetic moment (the spin) of the electrons in the contacts and of the electrons passing through the nanotube. Models for such systems have been developed and measurements done for some time already, but together with our theory colleagues from Chonnam, Poznan, and M√ľnchen we have shown for the first time that even quantitatively these models can be reduced to the non-magnetic case with a rather straightforward transformation, and that still the calculations fit the data very well. That is a pretty nice result, since for the emerging technology field of spintronics control of all these current transport effects is quite important.
Now it's time for new projects (and for awaiting the referee reports)...

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