Thursday, May 17, 2012

cups-1.6 will be loads of fun

I've spent a bit of time recently looking at the current state of what will become cups-1.6, and preparing a live ebuild for subversion head (net-print/cups-9999). My only conclusion is, the transition from 1.5 to 1.6 will give us all loads of fun time... Here are some of the highlights:
  • The serial and parallel port backends have been removed. Need USB or LAN now to talk to your printer.
  • The PHP and Perl scripting modules have been removed.
  • Remote printer discovery via CUPS, LDAP, or SLP is not supported anymore (what was known so-far as "browsing"). Instead you will need to use Zeroconf/Bonjour or Avahi.
  • The filter code that allowed to directly print images is gone. (Maybe just moved to a separate package.)
Nice, isn't it? Anyway...  if any of you feels like joining the printing team give me a shout!

edit, 21/May: most of the removed code just made its way into cups-filters, as several people pointed out in comments below... so no need to panic...


  1. OpenPrinting was planning to support missing features like CUPS discovery. Right now I can't find any related info on their website.
    Original message:

  2. "
    The serial and parallel port backends have been removed. Need USB or LAN now to talk to your printer.
    Thanks for blogging about it, this for me is a blocker and as such >=cups-1.6 will be masked forever here

  3. Mac users can afford usb printers. It's sad that everybody else will have to get their parallel port support from cups-filters package though. Still better than being stuck with cups 1.5.

  4. The OpenPrinting code is here:

  5. Yes indeed... most of the code that moved out just made its way into cups-filters. Which we already have in Gentoo; with cups-1.6 it will just become more or less mandatory. So, probably not big problems, just code restructuring. One of the big advantages of free software.

  6. Wow, people still have parallel printers? Where do they get their ink/ribbons from? When was the last time anyone sold such a beast or a mobo with a parallel port on it? Given a decent printer can be had for less than the cost of an ink cartridge these days I really don't see that as such as issue.

    1. Sure, my 2001 LaserJet 1200 still runs great and printing quality (not the speed though :) ) beats many of the newer models.
      Supplies are still available in office stores

    2. Yes, the parallel-port LaserJets are still in use many places. My own, and my organization's, work great.

  7. parallel port jets are old ones, still all belive they are good and using. cheap ink cartridges

  8. I had installed cups-1.6.1 and cups-filters-1.0.20 on my laptop with directly-connected USB printer (Canon PIXMA MP560). However, the last few lines of one-page documents were not printed, and the first few lines of the last page of multi-page documents were not printed. So I reverted to cups-1.5.3 and can print again. Any idea why cups-1.6.* is causing this problem?