Monday, July 16, 2012

Gentoo in c't magazine

For the German speakers around here, today's edition of c't magazine (that's the company that people from UK/USA may know as "The H") includes an introductory article on Gentoo Linux: "Made to measure - Gentoo Linux: source code and rolling releases". So, go to your newsagent and grab it while it's hot! :)

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  1. Congratulations Andreas.

    You were mentioned in the Headline of this article, so I guess you have worked on it as co author, right?

    Fine to see once more a founded article about Gentoo in a PC Magazine, which are very rare.
    Sadly there was a big lapse from my point of view and I asked myself how could it be, or how big was your influence in it.

    The article mentioned that the Gentoo repository has about 10.000 packages, but its actually 15685!
    That's an aberration of more than one-third and that although the article refers at its end [No.3], to our site, which shows the right number if you only click on the categories Link to the right.

    What kind of understatement, especially cause lots of Debian Guys I know, told me very often that its one of the big advantages of this distri, the amount of about 30.000 of packages.

    By the way, during my research of a Gentoo lecture, I gave one Year ago in my LUG, I found out that there exist a counting ratio between debian binary packages and our source packages of 2:1.

    In practice does it mean, that our amount of packages is at least as high as debian's.
    I guess you know why, otherwise it takes too much space to explain it here.

    One more mistake I found in the formulation that it takes only the addition of ACCEPT_KEYWORDS=”~amd64” to the /etc/make.conf to switch from a stable to a testing installation, but that's only true if you're using the amd64 architecture before, but this precondition isn't mentioned anymore.
    So this is not true for a x86 or a ppc architecture for example ;-)
    A true and more generic formulation had reduced it to the addition of only the ~ (tilde sign) before the existing architecture definition, if its exist already in the make.conf ;-)
    Ok, call me a nitpicker, but hey, I'm a German engineer as you and were known for our precision, doesn't we.

    Most of the other descriptions and named tools are a question of taste and favoritism of the author and are discuss-able as everything.
    Nevertheless a well formed article, good job done, thumbs up from my side.
    I wish Gentoo is more often mentioned into PC-Magazine articles.