Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kudos to Lenovo / IBM service

Since over a year I'm the happy owner of a Lenovo Thinkpad T520, and on the whole I can only recommend it as a power-user Linux machine. Excellent for day-to-day work as well as measurement data processing, Gentoo runs on it nicely, and with a Core i5 and 8G RAM even app-office/libreoffice has lost its horrors. Since I'm travelling often and also tend to working on the weekend in one of these beautiful cafes in the historic city centre of Regensburg, I'm relying on it a lot. So when I bought it, I added a ThinkPlus warranty upgrade to the basket, according to the paperwork 3 years next-workday on-site service for 87€.
The surprise of last friday evening was the laptop's complete refusal to boot. Just some blinking of the power indicator, nothing else. No idea what caused it... Anyway. I started worrying, even took out the harddrive and replaced it with a blank one I had lying around, and prepared myself for being laptop-less for a while.
Called service tuesday morning. A technician called me back wednesday morning, and came along wednesday afternoon. After about 90min, the laptop was completely disassembled, reassembled with a new mainboard and the original hard drive, and worked flawlessly. Yay! One happy customer.

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  1. Same here with an old Dell Inspiron Laptop. In the warranty time I called the service because the card reader didn’t work. A Dell service guy was in Berlin and came directly to me – around 150km long way - it took only about 2 hours for him to be in my university. At lunch in mensa he disassembled everything at the table , reassambled... Then all was working fine.

    And I didn’t pay anything though I only had the standard warranty, nothing special.