Tuesday, May 24, 2016

kmail 16.04.1 and Novell Groupwise 2014 IMAP server - anyone?

Here's a brief call for help.

Is there anyone out there who uses a recent kmail (I'm running 16.04.1 since yesterday, before that it was the latest KDE4 release) with a Novell Groupwise IMAP server?

I'm trying hard, I really like kmail and would like to keep using it, but for me right now it's extremely unstable (to the point of being unusable) - and I suspect by now that the server IMAP implementation is at least partially to blame. In the past I've seen definitive broken server behaviour (like negative IMAP uids), the feared "Multiple merge candidates" keeps popping up again and again, and the IMAP resource becomes unresponsive every few minutes...

So any datapoints of other kmail plus Groupwise imap users would be very much appreciated.

For reference, the server here is Novell Groupwise 2014 R2, version 14.2.0 11.3.2016, build number 123013.



  1. Just switch to something that works. I've been affected by multiple bugs (instacrash when composing messages with dictionary different than english, greyed out emails that can't be removed in Courier servers, corruption in local mailboxes that makes you cry, etc...) and ended up switching to Thunderbird. It's ugly as hell and slow as fuck, but it works.

  2. I reluctantly gave up on kmail about a year ago. I kept getting random stalls of 1-3 minutes while opening new mail or changing folders. The IMAP implementation has never worked right for me ever since the akonadi backend thing happened.

  3. Same here: Switched away from kmail, because I often was not able to open emails for several minutes (sometimes even half an hour). Now I use thunderbird. It's not perfect but at least I can read and write email.

  4. I am running 16.04.1 as well with IMAP for my Gentoo dev email. Works great except mass deletion of items can tie things up sometimes. I know it is not Novell.

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  6. I use kmail2 from git and ocasionally trojita (this is extremely fast).

    1. With Groupwise? (The difference between git master and 16.04.1 shouldn't be that great...)

  7. As some other I reluctantly gave up on kmail. There was a bug in akonadi when I received invites and I had to spend regular time on the akonadi console. I have tested many client and kmail is one I am fond of feature wise. Pity it currently doesn't work for me.

    Currently using thunderbird on my linux box it receive and send mails reliably and I decided to give up on ligthning. Even with xquil there was problem with the exchange server (unfortunately I work in an exchange centric environment) . And recently the search decided to call it quit - no matter what I do to revive it. Filtering still works.

    trojita is kinda nice. Not as many features but it works! I would switch to it if it supported multiple accounts.