Sunday, March 14, 2021

Gentoo AMD64 Handbook "Preparing the disks" section reworked

Since the text was becoming more and more outdated and also more and more convoluted, I have completely reworked the "Preparing the disks" section of the Gentoo AMD64 handbook

  • Since fdisk supports GUID partition tables (GPT) for a long time now, references to parted have been dropped.
  • The text restricts itself now to the combinations 1) UEFI boot and GPT and 2) BIOS / legacy boot and MBR. While mixing and matching is here certainly possible, we should treat it out of the scope of the manual.
  • Hopefully the terminology regarding the boot partition, UEFI system partition, and BIOS boot partition is more clear now (it was horribly mixed up before).

Please proofread and check for mistakes! I'll drop the "work in progress" label in a few days if nothing comes up.


  1. I loved using parted in these years.
    Yes, first times I was in trouble partitioning.

    Good job

    1. Will still use and love parted myself, having picked up the habit from this handbook; sad to see it go but I understand if fdisk makes for a better utility in this context.

  2. This looks good. I always use `gdisk` rather than `fdisk`, but I think that's just habit.

  3. Besides the Gentoo Wiki , the Gentoo Handbook is one of the most valuable things in Gentoo.

  4. Nice work! I think the dual-boot of GPT partitions should be expanded though, e.g. use rEFInd to allow dual boot of UEFI-based OSes.