Sunday, April 3, 2022

Gentoo MIPS stages are back!

MIPS logo
After a long break, we finally have up-to-date Gentoo stages for the MIPS architecture available for download again!

The weekly builds cover at the moment for 32-bit mips2 and mips32, for 64-bit mips3 and mips64 in o32, n32, and n64 ABI - and all that for both big and little endian. Should be good as a start for just about every hardware out there.

For more information on MIPS, see the Gentoo MIPS project page (which is as of writing of this blog post still somewhat outdated), the MIPS architecture page on Wikipedia, or the MIPS corporate products page.

The weekly stage builds are possible to a large part due to the excellent work of the qemu developers, which allows us to run all the builds on a single (x86-64, AMD RYZEN) server with a ton of parallel processes. Thank you!

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