Monday, April 1, 2024

The interpersonal side of the xz-utils compromise

While everyone is busy analyzing the highly complex technical details of the recently discovered xz-utils compromise that is currently rocking the internet, it is worth looking at the underlying non-technical problems that make such a compromise possible. A very good write-up can be found on the blog of Rob Mensching...

"A Microcosm of the interactions in Open Source projects"

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  1. In my discussions with people around this issue I was also mostly troubled by the social problems this attack exposed. I acknowledge the mental health/burnout issues with small projects that have a disparate significance for the whole free software ecosystem, but my focus is elsewhere:
    This attack has exposed a more serious problem - the attacker has managed to convince people, who aren't a burnedout hobby developer from a small rural area in Finland, including people from Google, that he is completely legit just because he has a GitHub account that wasn't created yesterday (and in some cases using a GitHub account that was created yesterday).