Saturday, September 25, 2010

Assembly line physics

After more than three days of non-stop exam grading (~130 students, 10 questions, ~35% completed), it was time for a break. I mean, at some point I might actually be frustrated enough to really run off to the McDonalds in Maximliansstra├če and get some blank job application forms, and I think this might not really go down well with the faculty administration. (Not only with the administration, of course. :) If I find the time, I'll have to place a reference solution online, since most of the questions were so easy to solve. But to be fair, some people did rather well, so not all is lost. (And since the exam was designed to be "too long for available time", it's probably normal that some questions are just not answered.) Next stop then was (among some other things) preparation of the internal spintronics workshop next week in Niederalteich monastery. Some of the guys in our group have to give a presentation, so we've been discussing the slides...

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