Thursday, September 16, 2010

First bump- digikam-1.4.0, kipi-plugins-1.3.0

There's definitely something magic about becoming a Gentoo dev. Suddenly you can go fix these bugs yourself! Anyway, thanks to my mentor tampakrap and all the other guys who helped, I now have made my way to commit access. Yay!
Here's my first real piece of Gentoo news: kipi-plugins-1.3.0 and digikam-1.4.0 have been bumped from the kde overlay to the main tree. Be warned that both require kde-4.5... And to answer the question before it is asked, I only bumped kipi-plugins-1.3.0 since this is what we already had. I know 1.4.0 is out there too... soon... :) Via a few corners, Fortran may still be required (digikam uses sci-libs/clapack, which depends on virtual/blas) - that's something that can and will still be fixed sometime. Enjoy!

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