Friday, November 26, 2010

Ostpforte going virtual

It was a fragile thing from the start, just leaving an old piece of hardware in the basement of the student home as a (low-priority) webserver, and moving out to a different city in a different country... From that point of view it was quite surprising that the picture gallery server that I was administering kept working nicely for years and years. That's over now... some combination of freak accidents left it unbootable. Most likely that is only a software problem (the kernel comes up but udev does not generate any devices), and by now, I've moved back to Bavaria and am only 90min by train away. Anyway, though, when I'm in M√ľnchen I usually have better things to do than sitting in a dusty basement (that I dont have any key for anymore) and fumbling around with rescue cd's.

The real world comes to the rescue. I am constantly amazed about new lows in pricing for about everything computer related, and this time it was virtual server hosting. I mean, I used to be up to date, but then some time passed when I was busy otherwise, and now suddenly one can get a small Xen instance with Gentoo preinstalled and unlimited server traffic for 5€ per month! OK, I may in the end go for a slightly bigger package since the data does not entirely fit into 20GByte, but anyway... rsync is running. :)

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