Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pluggin' a cool plug-in for Firefox

An important part of my work is reading scientific publications, which nowadays all come as online pdf files. Unfortunately, with Gentoo amd64, the Acrobat Reader plugin situation has lately been far from satisfying, with the plugin crashing and pdfs disappearing from the screen regularly. I know that the recommended thing to do is to install a 32bit firefox-bin, which supposedly works more stable with the 32bit Reader. However, from a Gentoo poweruser point of view, that's definitly uncool.

So, what else can we do? Turns out, there is a really nice solution for this problem, as long as you already run KDE and use it to view documents: remove the Reader plugin completely, and just install kde-misc/kpartsplugin. Automatically, after a Firefox restart, your browser can display everything that a KPart is available for. This means, a pdf or ps will get you an embedded viewer just like Okular, and much more... Somebody has been thinking this through a lot, you get buttons "Open in separate application" and "Save as file", and if there are several KPart's available, you can choose one and optionally save that preference. Works great here, and the pdf display is way faster!


  1. Do people still use Adobe Readers?

    Maybe it's since I'm a GNOME user, using Evince, that I'm not aware of any need for Adobe Reader? Haven't used KDE in a long time.

  2. Hey, that's really cool, I've been dreaming about something like that in my wildest dreams! (just to find yout that it actually exists, thaks to you)

  3. I didn't know that, thanks for sharing. Seems like it also works with Chromium.

  4. I use mozplugger: with it you can open a pdf with okular or evince, .doc or .xls with openoffice...everything inside a Firefox tab! It is simply amazing!!!

  5. Thanks, this is just awesome :-) I will install when I'm home from university.

    By the way: it feels really good to have someone from your hometown contributing to gentoo, keep up the good work.

  6. and no I have no idea why this ageold post suddenly pops up on the gentoo homepage again... :|

  7. As Alessandro said this is possible with mozplugger which works in chromium too.
    mozpluggerrc for evince:
    application/pdf:pdf:PDF file
    application/x-pdf:pdf:PDF file
    text/pdf:pdf:PDF file
    text/x-pdf:pdf:PDF file
    repeat swallow(evince) fill needs_xembed: evince "$file"