Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fries, FOSDEM, Delirium Tremens

And here I am now reporting from an extended weekend in Brussels. It's kind of stupid that I have to leave Regensburg just at the moment when results in the lab get really interesting. But then, I'm staying online all the time anyway, and this weekend is FOSDEM time. Definitely a great opportunity to meet with some of the other Gentoo devs face to face. We had the Gentoo developers FOSDEM dinner yesterday, finishing with good Belgian beer near the Grand Place. So far it has been a lot of fun. We even have quorums for both the Gentoo Council and the Gentoo KDE team here...

At the conference site I sometimes have this weird feeling of visiting the nerd pole. One of the events definitly freaking out the locals was the outdoor GPG keysigning. Imagine cold windy weather and 150 geeks standing in a line along the curb and swapping passports for two hours... Just now I'm listening to an interesting and very funny talk about the LibreOffice fork. ("Are you German? We need your help deciphering the code comments! What does 'Manta-Hack' mean? And, 'Wenn Sie das lesen können, haben Sie eine Waschmaschine gewonnen!'???)

The weekend is way too short anyway. Somehow I was not that much excited about visiting Brussels for the third time. Frites and mussels, bah. Now that I'm here, though, I think I should definitely come again. I barely remember the place, there are so many things to (re)visit, art nouveau buildings to discover, flea markets to stroll across, and everything related to Gaufres and Chocolat just has to be good. Cheers!

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  1. Manta-Hack just Manta-Hack - i think its a reference to the Opel Manta, a car often associated with yobbos

    Wenn Sie das lesen können, haben Sie eine Waschmaschine gewonnen - when you can read this you've won a washing machine
    i think this is just a funcomment without any information