Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gentoo's Reform and Future @ FOSDEM

For all those interested who could not make it to Brussels, the talk by Petteri, Roy, and Jorge on "Gentoo's Reform and Future" is now online at YouTube - or below. Cheers!


  1. As someone who used Gentoo a lot between 2003 and 2007, and has been considering going back, I was really hoping this video would show that it is roaring back to life. Instead, I get the impression that it truly is dead.
    Also: jesus christ, they're still using CVS??

  2. I'm using Gentoo since 2004 and I can say this is still the best distro available. I tried many-many, but always returned to Gentoo. Now it has lesser bugs so far (which distro doesn't have btw) and even more flexible. Some more project centric and transparent development could be nice. I mean, they may need useful tools like what KDE has with redmine ( and review board.
    But overall I'm very happy with Gentoo.... and who cares about CVS? I don't think that is really big issue.