Saturday, July 16, 2011

Arry Potter et les Reliques de la Mort, 2e partie

This is already the second time I'm watching a new Harry Potter movie while in France, but the first time that it's in French. :) Ah well, Collioure is not Paris, but breathtakingly beautiful anyway, also now at night with the full moon over the bay and the castle... But I disgress...
As expected, not counting all the moms and dads in the audience, I was somewhere at the upper age edge. Accordingly, the movie makers had also obviously put a lot of effort into making all the killing in volume 7 more "boom bang crash" but not really that bloody. Still, the whole experience was quite some action and special effects spectacular, keeping (as far as I can remember now, having stuffed my head with all that physics in the meantime) rather close to the book. The lightheaded humour sprinkled through some of the earlier movies was mostly missing, but that was to be expected. The bad guy is finished off heroically, with quite some tragic losses and tears shed on the way, and finally all the Dumbledore / Snape connections become clear. (By the way, in the French version the name Snape has been translated... seems like some someone actually realized that JKR is good on wordplay.)
On the whole I liked this Harry Potter movie more than many of the other more recent ones, mainly because there was enough "movie time per book page" to tell a coherent story. If you have read the books a few times, that probably does not matter, but there might also be some moviegoers who have not... There even was enough time to add the cheesy "19 years later" epilogue, causing quite some sniffing in the audience. I felt that our heroes did not look old enough there, just dressed up a bit different ("adult style"). But then, maybe I'm just too old and you have to be sixteen to notice the change in makeup...
Now of course the most interesting question is, how will J. K. Rowling continue. From a financial point of view, giving up the franchise at this point would of course be sheer stupidity; even so, I understand that some sort of a break might be needed. I'm not a sufficiently enthusiastic fan to follow all the internet fandom and rumour sites, but in the long run, I believe that some more books will turn up for sure. After all, life does not end after highschool, even if you have just overcome le Seigneur des Ténèbres, right? :)

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