Saturday, July 16, 2011

Having fun with Hugin

There's as always a lot of fun stuff you can do with Gentoo; what I've discovered recently is Hugin (media-gfx/hugin) for panorama stitching. See the above image (and in particular click on it for a better view!) for one of the amazing results. The file is not really perfect yet and probably will never be, as boats tend to move with the waves. Even after removing all useless alignment points and adding many correct ones manually, if you look very closely there are some shifts. Nevertheless, I think the result is pretty neat. The image is assembled from 16 separate free-hand portrait photographs, each with resolution 3456 x 2304; after cropping the total size of the assembled image is 20227 x 1390.


  1. Where did you take the photo?

  2. Collioure, Côte Vermeille, France (very close to the Spanish border, so at the southern end of France) - very beautiful place :)

  3. I love Hugin! I've been using it to create panoramas for some number of years. It has consistently improved in features :-)