Thursday, September 1, 2011

PhD position available: Transport spectroscopy and theoretical analysis of few-carrier systems in carbon nanotubes

We're currently planning a research project in close collaboration with the theory group Prof. M. Grifoni, with working title "Transport spectroscopy and theoretical analysis of interacting few-carrier systems in semiconducting and small-bandgap carbon nanotubes". It combines equal parts of experimental work and theoretical data analysis and modelling. You've already done an excellent solid-state physics theory Diploma or MSc thesis and liked it, but would like to get your hands dirty as well? Then you're maybe the perfect candidate!

Interested? Please have a look at the PDF file with more details, at our web pages (group Prof. M. Grifoni, group Prof. C. Strunk, group Dr. A. K. Hüttel), and contact Andreas K. Hüttel (e-mail: for more information!

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