Sunday, September 25, 2011

Poll: KDEPIM 4.7 - ready for you?

If you have read my previous post, you will already suspect that we may not be able to support the "old" KDE PIM applications (i.e. kdepim-4.4; the KDE PIM main applications are akregator, blogilo, kleopatra, kmail, knode, knotes, kontact, korganizer, ktimetracker) much longer. Problem is, most data on the usefulness and stability of new Akonadi-based KDE PIM (i.e. kdepim-4.7) is just based on anecdotes. So, to get at least some half-way representative numbers, here's a poll for you. As Gentoo has been offering the new software version all from the start, please tell me your opinion on the new KDE PIM (click on this link if the poll does not show up):

Thanks a lot in advance!


  1. Well, I tried it, got annoyed and removed it on both of my machines!
    I vote for 'I am not using kdepim applications at all.' cose that's my current state !

  2. Cannot really answer the poll as it is. I have installed kde-pim-4.6.1 on one of my machines. I ended up unmasking akonadi-server, actually it didn't help but I kept it that way - I used to have Davmail set up and have all my exchange email go through it. It doesn't really work well with 4.6.1 so I ended up running it in imap mode. Haven't tried to do stuff with kcal again after making the change. I had a few email disappear in kmail. They are in the folder but kmail cannot find them. I am hoping the last upgrade of akonadi-server squashed that.

  3. I voted "Lost loads of data", as this happened to me on two ocasions with different KDE major versions until I eventually gave up on KDEpim in its entirety.

  4. problem:
    mails vanish. mails are stuck in inbox. mails are stuck 'unread'. mails never appear.

    solution: kill kmail, stop akonadi, start kmail&akonadi

    occurance: several times a day

    akonadi uses insane amounts of memory after a few hours

    solution: kill kmail, stop akonadi, start kmail&akonadi

    occurance: daily

    why did they move away from plain mailbox? They took something that just worked and replaced it with something that only works for short periods.

    This mess is seriously not ready for prime time. While the rest might be ok, akonadi is a bitch.

  5. I think another option is missing:
    - Tried it, but migrated to something like Thunderbird afterwards.

    While I have not lost any data in the true sense (and fortunately my
    stuff resides on IMAP accounts anyway), I had to rm -rf
    everything akondadi-related in my home directory on several machines to
    get this thing to work somehow.

    And even if it works, it still is full of bugs
    and at times unresponsive, so I migrated to Thunderbird/Lightning on
    all but one of my machines until KDEPIM is some more usable state.

    I really do not think it is ready for prime time, but I do not know
    how tedious it is to maintain KDEPIM 4.4 any longer.

  6. +1 for option "Tried, and using different software now"

    KDEPIM 4.7 was never close to "stable" and it should be masked also on ~arch. Three times it made my KDE not starting at all. I have not lost my e-mail (thanks to IMAP), but still - this is not ready for even beta testing.

  7. well, I am not using imap - and I haven't lost mails recently, but it is scary to see a mail - and suddenly it is gone. You get it back when you restart akonadi... but.. why does this bitch exist in the first place?

  8. Akonadi and its band of devils makes KDE 4.0 look polished! Having used Kontact for very many years, with the odd but convenient IMAP groupware functions, I have now migrated to Thunderbird as a front end and eGroupware as a server. Moving my data was such a hassle, I cannot see me ever moving back, even if Kontact is sorted out.

    I think of Akonadi and Nepomuk to be the dreaded duo, that make KDE quite unpleasant at present. So much so, my KVM switch seems to be connected to my Win7 box much more often than it used to.