Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gentoo KDE stabilization and the KDE overlay

Here's two small news items that may be worth your attention.
First of all, we (as the Gentoo KDE team) have to decided to change our stabilization target from 4.7.2 to 4.7.3 - the main reason being that there have been many stability improvements e.g. in KDEPIM. This also means that for now the stabilization process is on hold, since version 4.7.3 needs some time to "ripen on the tree". Anyway, feel free to grab the stabilization list from bug 388279 and try it out. Most likely the list will still be updated a few times for minor fixes.
Second, if you are using the Gentoo KDE overlay, it has now been migrated to so-called thin manifests. This makes using git way easier for us committers. You as a user will however need sys-apps/portage from ~arch, because the current stable version does not support the new Manifest file format yet. This may sound like a dangerous requirement, but actually most the devs use testing portage and do not encounter any big problems. I'm running sys-apps/portage- here and all is fine.

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