Monday, November 14, 2011

The Regensburg nanotube team is growing!

A lot of things have happened recently in our nanotube / nanomechanics research group in Regensburg... First of all, I'd like to congratulate Peter Stiller for finishing off his Diploma thesis and thereby his degree. Peter is immediately continuing as a PhD student, however switching topic from nanomechanics to charge qubits in carbon nanotubes - a newly founded project in the SFB 631. Here we plan to couple electronic quantum states in carbon nanotube double quantum dots to the electric field of a coplanar microwave resonator.
Then, straight from München and the research group of Jan von Delft, Alois Dirnaichner will join us soon as PhD student to work on experimental and theoretical characterization of few-electron states in ultraclean suspended carbon nanotubes. This is a project pursued together with the groups of Milena Grifoni and Christoph Strunk; we hope that the high quality of our carbon nanotubes enables us to do fundamental observations and analysis on unperturbed electronic multi-particle states.
Next, Sabine Kugler joins the nanomechanics team for her MSc thesis project. She will continue the development of chip geometries and materials suitable for combining carbon nanotubes with complex electronics, and help us with the characterization measurements.
Finally, last but not least, Hermann Kraus starts in december as a Diploma student, and will focus on high-frequency electronics at very low temperatures and superconducting nanocircuitry. Time to get these electrons rock'n'roll!

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